Have You Heard About The New Facebook Local App?!

By therecipeltd

It’s the next big thing in event and location scouting. The new app release to New Zealand combines the features of EventFinda, TripAdvisor and Facebook itself – and our download of the new gem has us leaping up for an adventure!

Now on first glance, it’ll have you wondering – ‘have we seen this before?’. Actually, you have! Facebook has resurrected the stand-alone events app we saw back in 2016, and after a major facelift (and the removal of spammy advertising which tanked its prototype), Facebook has continued its mission to connect the world -through ‘Local’.

If you haven’t seen it, you’re going to be wondering – ‘why would I need a second Facebook app?’. ‘Local’ works much like Google Maps, but pulls data from Facebook business pages and events to show you the businesses or events near you! Need to find the best café in the area? Ask it for cafes that are open now, and sort by highest ratings to get the best by most popular vote! Out of town for the weekend? No problem! Just switch the location and it’ll show you businesses or events wherever you need it to. It also integrates with Google Maps for a fast journey!

We were even more impressed with the extensive range of categories Facebook Local has to offer – allowing us to search by not just events and businesses – but by art, home, theater, shopping, religion, parties, networking, health, gardening, food, fitness, comedy and more! What’s more, if you’re feeling indecisive about what you want to get up to – Local has you covered with top suggestions and events popular with friends!

The synchronicity of the app is nearly complete with calendar integrations, ability to create events in the app, and even has event guides to help you explore your interests and find the right events for you! In even better news, Zuckerberg has stated that no advertising will be allowed on this platform for the foreseeable future – and may be looked at ‘way down the track’. There isn’t much more we could ask for!

For New Zealand business, ‘Local’ is about to make finding (aptly called) ‘local’ events and businesses a lot more lucrative – and competitive! Catchy events in popular categories (that include optimized event details!) will see an uptake in both engagement and attendance. Business Pages on ‘Local’ are still populated with the same basic Facebook Business Page details from the regular app, including the business type, open hours, contact details, and location – BUT – only shows posts, photos or reviews from visitors or customers to the page and doesn’t yet show posts from the business itself. Talk about taking no advertising to the next level! ‘Local’ expands the competition for Facebook engagement in the form of ratings, check-ins, and photo’s – creating a race toward optimized customer interactions and encouraging responses through Digital Media.

‘Local’ has a little while to go before it hits the same number of monthly users that its parent ‘Facebook’ boasts – but we’re behind Facebook’s strategy and think it’ll become a crowd favorite in the months to come!

If you think you could use some help navigating this new app and the opportunities it represents, (or need any other kind of digital marketing advice!) please email us at info@therecipeltd.com and we will be happy to set you on the right path! Alternatively, enter your contact details below!

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