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By Krimpal

In a world full of thousands of pieces of content, easy access to camera equipment, and drag and drop mobile editing, we’ve realized that it’s a wonder that we’re still viewing websites that have basic text testimonials! And you know what, we’re seeing it everywhere. We have been asked by many of our clients to create video testimonials for them, and it prompted us to ask:

“ What’s the real difference between video testimonials and these basic text testimonials to businesses?”

It’s a known fact that both consumers and businesses alike think that reputation is the most important factor to drive sales into a business, and it provides the link towards getting their expert teams to deliver further great work for their potential new clients.

 So, how do you convey your historical ‘great outcomes’ to the public from your prior successful work with clients? You build the trust of your potential customers by getting persuasive testimonials from your existing happy customers. You find customers who are willing to vouch for you.

 Studies say that when people are making decisions, they prefer to see some kind of ‘social proof’. According to HubSpot, 78% of people say that they trust online reviews just as much as they trust ‘word of mouth’ referrals. For businesses, that means that it is very important that testimonials are received in such a way that it covers the key benefits you want to be portrayed, such as; the services purchased and their satisfaction of the delivery of work. 

The most common way of receiving a testimonial from customers has historically been the text testimonial. Now, we know that it’s the easiest way to gather testimonials, but adding it to your website in our current age can sometimes be perceived as two-faced, manufactured from the company’s own network, or even fake if there are copious amounts of testimonials available. 

 Video testimonials, however, are a little more time and resource-intensive but are a much more powerful medium because they contain many more details that can be portrayed to your potential future customers. In addition, Video testimonials provide a persuasive ‘personal identification’ layer to your sales and marketing by using people who are happy with your level of service but also relatable and friendly on camera. 

Pro tip: we think that the best testimonial videos are done by using customers that fill your key demographic and/or industry targets (like attracts like!).  

It turns out that video testimonials are more convincing and have become one of the best tools to build emotional connections and gain your prospect’s trust.

“Visual content is more than 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.” – Hubspot

One of the biggest advantages of having video testimonials on your website is that it provides SEO value and can drive more traffic to those reviews and therefore your site, which can result in even more potential leads. A recent study from Comscore showed that people who visit websites and who watch video stay on that website an average of 2 minutes longer.

 So now you understand the advantage of video testimonials but might find it hard to take the time to complete this project on your own. This is totally understandable! It consumes a fair amount of time arranging the times that suit both your customers and yourself, and sourcing the video and editing equipment required to make video testimonials. If this is your reaction, we can help! Our team can take care of each and every part of the testimonial process, from contacting your clients, to arranging the scripts, shoots, and editing. 

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