5 Key ingredients
that need to be considered in your palate when you are making the recipe to outsmart Facebook algorithm in 2021

May 26th 2021

By Sam

What is Facebook Algorithm?

Facebook is still a number one platform for the marketers and consumers for the last few years . As a Digital Marketing Agency it is very important to know the facebook Algorithm in 2020 for making the ROI based strategy for the client.

First I would like to enlighten my readers what exactly Facebook Algorithm all about. Facebook Algorithm is a process that calculates which post will be displayed on a user`s News feed. There are few factors which determines the ranking. “Reaction” or “interaction” on a post is highly important factor as per recent changes in Facebook Algorithm.

Challenges as an agency to outsmart facebook algorithm

As a Digital marketing agency it is very important to track all the changes on facebook algorithm time to time and try to find out avenues and strategy to reach more niche market where you have hundreds of other competitors standing with similar product or service.

If you do a little bit of research on internet you will find various opinion from Digital marketing agencies throughout the world discussing ways to outsmart it. But there are some factors which are the key ingredients  you cannot ignore at any point of time.

As a Digital marketing agency we constantly research on how to place our advertisement and posts on the top of the competitors in the organic way. However facebook advertisement strategy is a different game altogether which we will discuss in our next topic.

Key factors  to adapt the facebook algorithm and outsmarting it


  1. Post Engaging content

Schedule your Facebook posts based on when they’re more likely to win the most engagement. As an online marketing agency it is your first duty to research about the competitors. Find their type of posting, frequency and timing. This will help you to make your schedule of post and also consider when your target audience is active on the net.

Apart from the above mentioned factors, your content should also resonance with your audience. “Conversation”- this word is an important factor when we are thinking about recent changes to facebook Algorithm. So try to post content which will bring emotion to the audience and adding some imagery or captions on the top will help you to prepare the perfect Recipe.

  1. Video – A corner stone of your Social media Strategy

Videos are still a favorite content under the new Facebook algorithm. Video views is definitely more engaging than any other content in the platform. There are different types of videos you can consider in your strategy.

  • Live videos- This type of videos often generate engagement and notified among the followers which is an added advantage. So keep budget for the video production.
  • Regular Videos- Apart from live videos you can also post regular videos which should be relevant to your product or service and have some engaging appeal to your audience.
  • Loop videos- If your client has some budget consent you can try with simple looping videos of few seconds which also can win the engagement and outsmart the Facebook algorithm.
  1. Discuss before dropping links

Recent changes in Facebook algorithm is not encouraging engagement bait such as Tag baiting and Comment baiting.  The platform is punishing marketers who are trying to game on the system. It will not only hammer on your particular post but also the entire page could be affected .It might also be considered as spam.

You can try something else to engage your audience such as

  • You can poll your audience in terms of discussion
  • Question based post could be another option
  • You can also run competitions for engagement
  1. Encourage Employees and Customers to Follow your page and push the content

This is another ingredient for the Digital marketing agencies to consider when they’re making the strategy for the client. Employees are the most powerful medium to get the advocacy of the brand but many organizations forget to use this valuable weapon to win over the competitors.

As per new Facebook algorithm where Engagement has been given the highest priority, we should consider our employees and customers to come on board. We cannot force them, but educate them on how they can help the organization with further growth.

Facebook news feed has an option for users to make sure they can always “See First” their favorite post in the news feed. There is no harm to remind or guide the loyal customer or in house employees to become advocate of the brand. This way the company can have some earned media. During a research on Employee Advocacy Program we found a very interesting data which we should consider in our Strategy to follow the Facebook algorithm guideline.

  • Your employees have an average 1090 social connections and growing every day.
  • Employee have 5 times more reach than corporate account
  • Social followers of your employees having a chance of conversion are 7 times more compared to unknown source.

People like engagement but trust is an essential factor. If it comes from the trusted or reliable source then chance of engagement, retention and conversion ratio will go up. That definitely will amplify the brand visibility.

  1. Narrow down or Localize your target audience

Facebook algorithm works well when you narrow down your target audience or we may say localize the target. It is good for the Digital agencies who are already following this practice and handling with the local brand. But it is very difficult for a Global player to work with. Say for example Cookie times has target audiences all over New Zealand and you cannot concentrate one single province. Promote an event for a specific city or stories for a specific region is a good idea to reach the niche market.

You can segregate as per demographic which facebook has inbuilt  option or you can use various social media tools for the same. You can also control your budget as well.

Interest| gender| education| age

are some parameters you can consider when making the online Strategy to win over the algorithm and localize the target.

You always have to do AB Testing to get the result but localize content has always a chance of better engagement compare to wide range of demographics.

So you like or not Facebook algorithm requires brand content which is relevant and authentic. There is no place for thin content or duplicate content to sustain this market. End of the day as a marketer if you follow the Facebook Best practice Guidelines you will be rewarded.

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