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Acascia Steedman

Director & co-founder

Hailing from Invercargill, studying Commerce at Otago and climbing her way to Auckland in Hospitality Management, Acascia saw first hand what hiring a marketer meant for a small business. She’s on a mission to change that …

Daniel Baird


Also hailing from Invercargill, travelling Australia as a roaming salesman and finding his cornerstone in sales for technologies, Daniel’s passion lies in not just finding a solution – but finding the right solution.

Stevan Tedianto

content specialist

Whether it’s a wedding collection, a motorsport show or an interview series – Stevan’s wealth of videography, photography & editing experience is a hot ticket.

Me Deza

project management

M.E. is our right hand lady, the powerhouse co-ordinating projects with our team, masterminding many a creative strategy and writing up a storm for our clients.

Thomas Peters

graphic designer

If it’s something to create, Thomas is the man you need in your life – the creator behind our gorgeous brands, designer content and collateral be it physical or digital.

Arul Mozhi

Advertising & Analytics

Specialising in campaign and long-term e-commerce funnels across Facebook and Google, Arul uses his skills and our analytics tools to be a weapon in cross-platform digital advertising.

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