So, What Is Digital Media Anyway?

Digital Media is like Chess. Many players, complicated rules, and you get a great game once you know how it works.

Today, we stand on a Technological Chess Board. There are those that watch the game (our consumers) – drinking in information and networking in many ways, seemingly addicted to their little screens. There are those that hate the game, they prefer to keep their lives in the ‘Dark Ages’ – refusing social media contact or connections to the outside world – with a slight exception being some use of Google. Then there are those who play the game, wielding technology like the Queen of communication that it is – moving their pieces to create communities, share information, and effectively get more sales through the marketing opportunities that it brings with it … and we can see it everywhere!

Let’s boil it all down to the basics – so, what is Digital Media anyway?

Digital Media (n): “products and services that come from the media, entertainment and information industry, and it’s subsectors. It includes digital platforms (websites and applications), digitized content (text, audio, video, etc), and services (information and communication).”

Sounds like a whole lot of jargon, right? Here’s your break down:

Digital Platforms

Digital Media is generally accessed through two different Digital Platforms – websites and applications. These are the pawns of chess. Think of your websites and applications as elements to move at will, and sacrifice when required.

When the world wide web was created and became a recognizable 1990, the web became a common way of accessing data online in the form of websites and hyperlinks. (Andrews, 2013). Typically, a website is a grouping of information (web pages) provided and/or written by one person or business, found by typing in their website address into your internet browser.

An application is a program or piece of software that provides a specific function for its user. Examples include the social application of Facebook or the musical application of Garageband.

Both of these platforms can be found on desktops or mobile devices, but there is one main difference – push notifications (Schneider, 2013). Applications give its hosts (it’s writers) the ability to send notifications to the users mobile phone or desktop, and this tactic has proven to increase sales by a considerable amount!

In terms of small to medium-sized business, most use a website as their base to brand themselves and sell their products or services. In other blogs, I’ll cover how to set up websites, branding and even online shopping!

Digitized Content

Digitized content is what you see and hear in the Digital Media world. The lengths of text you read, the pictures and videos you see, or the music you listen to all adds to the chaos – keeping billions of people enthralled on a daily basis. Websites and Applications use digital content to get their purpose communicated to the end user. Some even base themselves on a particular type of digital content such as YouTube – a video sharing website. Content is the King of Digital Media, driving the information you provide to the public, and ending in the sales and brand awareness you achieve.

Content creation is something that has become a little trickier for businesses to checkmate.  Companies need to make sure that their branding is clear and consistent, their content is relevant to their audience, and all the while making it snappy and intriguing enough to stick out among the trillions of other ad’s there are out there. More on this in the future too!

Digital Media Services

Services revolve around information and communication. Basically, the entire point of having or using a digital platform and posting or consuming the digitized content hosted on them is to give out or find out information of some sort. Digital Services are the Queen to your Business King. The Queen has unlimited direction (though requires logical direction), becoming an invaluable tool in protecting and moving the King forward.

Providing information online for a business aids in the long-term solidification of its branding, and increases brand awareness to the general public. It can also provide a method of communicating with the business – through GPS to a physical address, contact details VIA email or phones, and even the full range of products, specials, and business updates for engagement and sales.

It’s application to business is staggering. With the right set up, any business can post information and create communities to which they can sell their products (directly to their targeted audiences) and gather information on their user demographics to further target and reach their goals.

With a Digital Media Platform to use, and Digital Media Services at the ready to take your Digitized Content to market, any business stands to be able to compete in the International Online Marketplace! Like any chess match, it might take a while to discover you enjoy Digital Media – but as long as you know how to play chess – you can enjoy a great game! Look out for our next blog coming soon – called: “What is Social Media, Really?”

To your success!

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